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StrengthBuilding® is about using strengths to create change for you, for your school and your students.  Through StrengthBuilding® training and coaching, you’ll learn how to build positive, respectful relationships that help you achieve your goals and help others reach their potential.

StrengthBuilding® Partners can work with your district or school at the level of intensity that fits best with your needs and budget. You can introduce StrengthBuilding® with the three-hour StrengthBuilding Basics, provide StrengthBuilding Essentials for one or more groups of staff members during a school break, or we can develop a customized StrengthBuilding® Immersion program where a StrengthBuilding Counselor works with your staff, parents and students on a year-round basis.

For district leaders, we offer an abbreviated StrengthBuilding® Essentials that informs and engages participants to consider further implementation at the district or individual school level.

To involve parents as partners in developmental and educational goals, we offer StrengthBuilding® Basics and StrengthBuilding® Essentials with Parents. For students at the middle and high school level, StrengthBuilding Essentials can be offered as a credit class to help them identify and use their strengths as powerful tools in furthering their development and education.

Whatever way you choose to bring StrengthBuilding® into your school, you can expect lasting results that impact individual school staff members, teaching teams, students, parents and the whole school community.