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SBP Sponsors a Public Charter School

Opening Doors to Your Future

Las Puertas Community School, a public charter school, proudly sponsored by StrengthBuilding Partners, opened in August of 2014. Las Puertas is founded on the principles of StrengthBuilding and uses new and exciting ways to develop young learners. We are invested in every one of our students being prepared for college, future careers and active involvement in their community. Las Puertas opened with grades 6-8 and is currently serving grades 6-10.

What is Las Puertas Community School?
• It is a free public charter school
• Builds on the strengths & talents of young people & their families
• Provides opportunities for everyone in the community

We have the knowledge, the experience and the right people to create the academic setting for the development of a pattern of life success for all students…. for our entire community.

For more information on Las Puertas, go to laspuertas.org.