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Welcome to StrengthBuilding™ Partners!

StrengthBuilding Partners (SBP) is a training, coaching and mentoring organization working in partnership with schools, organizations and individuals to improve the lives of children, adolescents and families.

StrengthBuilding Partners (SBP) was formed in 1999 as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization to teach people how to use the powerful tool of StrengthBuilding® to create systemic change. SBP developed StrengthBuilding thirteen years ago as a way to incorporate current and emerging social sciences research into practical application with children and families. SBP provides professional development in StrengthBuilding, utilizing the StrengthBuilding philosophy and process as a catalyst to change the individual, their interactions with others and to create systemic change in schools and communities.


Our mission is to create success for children, adolescents, adults and families through the powerful tool of StrengthBuilding.

Overview of StrengthBuilding Training and Coaching

StrengthBuilding™ Training and Coaching is an innovative practice that builds and sustains a firm foundation and strategy for success. The power of change lies in the restructuring and re-culturing of communities into a StrengthBuilding environment where individuals can and do achieve. The entire community is trained in StrengthBuilding.

The StrengthBuilding program is comprised of three components: StrengthBuilding Training and Coaching, StrengthBuilding Leadership for youth and StrengthBuilding Mentoring. Each component of the StrengthBuilding Program is a quality program that was developed based upon social science research and best practice standards. It is implemented in school communities, business communities and with families. Participants continuously evaluate the program. These evaluations are used to guide each component of StrengthBuilding to assure its effectiveness. The result is a strong evaluation based program customized for each group of participants.


Outcome evaluations for both StrengthBuilding Training and Coaching and StrengthBuilding Leadership, is conducted by an external evaluator, Sally Stevens, Ph.D. of the University of Arizona (UA). The evidence that has been collected and analyzed by Dr. Stevens is at the “high apparent level of effectiveness” for both of these components. The level of evidence for the StrengthBuilding Mentoring Program is at a “demonstrated effectiveness level” given the longitudinal nature of the evaluation and inclusivity of both student interviews and academic records. For more detailed information regarding outcomes, please contact StrengthBuilding Partners.

Our Newest Venture

Based upon our extensive experience with StrengthBuilding in schools, StrengthBuilding Partners has opened a tuition free public charter school: Las Puertas Community School. Las Puertas, founded on StrengthBuilding principles, incorporates the newest and most exciting ways to teach kids—ways that have been proven to be the most effective in preparing kids for their future. Opening with grades 6-8, in August 2014, Las Puertas will be a model for academic excellence. For more information, click here.

StrengthBuilding Partners is an equal opportunity employer which offers medical insurance, United Healthcare Insurance, for the individual employee. This insurance constitutes “Credible” Coverage for Medicare Part D (Prescription drug coverage).