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StrengthBuilding is a process for working with people to create change. It has the power to help individuals, families, schools and whole communities achieve their goals.

StrengthBuilding changes how people relate to one another. It requires a shift in mindset, from accentuating problems and weaknesses to focusing on the strengths that enable people to positively control their lives. We focus on what the individual can accomplish, how strengths can be used in positive ways.

Everyone is born with strengths. Sometimes that’s hard to remember when we are barraged with what’s wrong with our world and the people around us.

StrengthBuilding challenges us to change our mindset and focus on the strengths of the individual….on our own strengths.

StrengthBuildingstarts by helping people identify and acknowledge their strengths. Individuals begin to learn how to reinforce their strengths and the strengths of others. Strengths then become tools.

The real power of StrengthBuildingcomes from knowing how to use these strengths to confront both internal and external obstacles in order to bring about desired changes and achieve goals.

We introduce you to StrengthBuilding and then continue to work with you and support you through coaching to learn how best to use StrengthBuilding in your life.

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